Hair-straightening chemicals can cause uterus cancer

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The latest research reveals the connection between hair straightening products, which contain chemicals like relaxers, and uterus cancer.

Initial research concluded that some specific hair straightening products can cause hormone cancer such as breast and ovarian cancer.

Black women are generally more affected by this cancer due to excessive use of such products.

The study published by the national cancer institute reveals “estimates that among women who did not use hair-straightening chemical products in the past 12 months, 1.6% developed uterine cancer by age 70, but about 4% of the women who frequently use such hair-straightening products developed uterine cancer by age 70”.

That finding “also communicates that uterine cancer is indeed rare. However, the doubling of risk does lead to some concern,” said Chandra Jackson, an author of the study and researcher at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Frequent use of such products is increasing the chances of uterus cancer by 400%.

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Black women’s uterus cancer risk

The new review remembers information for almost 34,000 ladies in the US, ages 35 to 74, who finished surveys about their utilization of specific hair items, including perms, colors, relaxers, and straighteners. The analysts, from the Public Foundations of Wellbeing, additionally followed the frequency of malignant growth analysis inside the review bunch.

The specialists found areas of strength between hair-fixing items and uterine malignant growth cases however the utilization of other hair items, for example, colors and perms or body waves – – was not related to the uterine disease.

The review information likewise showed that the relationship between hair-fixing items and uterine malignant growth cases was generally articulated for People of color, who made up just 7.4% of the review members, however, 59.9% of the individuals who detailed truly utilizing straighteners.

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